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MM Pierce Elementary School's energy cost
Period  kWh  $$  CO2
Year      840000      64695      949199
Quarter      210000      16173      237299
Month      70000      5391      79099
Week      16333      1257      18456
24Hrs      2333      179      2636
Meter Last ReadJune 30, 2010
E-CategoryEnergy: Basemark Buildings

Primary (E-Com) Contact:MM Pierce Elementary School
Communications (#/text):Click URL
Secondary Contact:(540) 439-3213
Address / Area: 12074 James Madison Street
Remington, VA 22734
2nd Phone # (ext):540-422-7630
Fax #:(540) 439-8519
Primary / Website URL:http://www.fcps1.org/education/school/school.php?sectionid=16

June 16: Total energy usage through April 2011 is DOWN 7% compared to FY10 and April 2011 compared to April 2010 - UP 20%

April 18 update: March 2011 compared to March 2010 - DOWN 53%

March update: Total energy usage through January 2011 is down 6% compared to FY10.


1) Built 1932, 1981, 1998
2) Rooms 29
3) Square feet 72,430
4) Acres 17.4
5) Student capacity 576 / 582
6) Students registered 534
7) Total cost / square foot / FY09 - $1.38 (propane, heating oil, / electric)
8) Propane heating - FY09 - $8,599 Oil heating $9,218
9) Total energy cost - FY09 - $104,742
10) Cost of energy / student / year - $196
11) EMCS - Energy Management Control Systems control temperatures by (central) computer based on work orders / requests from schools
12)Student occupancy - 92%

Updates 8/31/10 student occupancy

8/24/09 524
9/30/09 533
8/23/10 507

Updates 12/29/2010 - FY10 Energy data (above)

Dr. Christine Wolfe, Principal

Mrs. Julie Dolby, AP

Welcome to Pierce Elementary School (from above web site)

We are a learning community of almost 600 students, their parents and grandparents, and more than 50 staff members. Our students range in age from 4 years to 11 years of age, in preschool through fifth grades. We have a wonderful building, renovated in 1998 and yet maintaining parts of its history. Our cheerful hallways and classrooms are filled with laughter and the excitement of learning. It's a splendid facility, with up-to-date technology, generous room sizes, and a spectacular gymnasium.

Our teachers range from newly minted to thoroughly experienced, and share a love of students, learning and teaching. They constantly strive to enhance their skills and bring the best they have to their classrooms each day. They are supported by a dedicated office staff, hard-working custodians and cafeteria workers, and a cadre of skilled bus drivers.

We have two administrators. Together we are honored to work with the wonderful staff, students and parents who come through our doors each day.

This is a great place to learn and grow. We made Adequate Yearly Progress based on the spring 2010 SOL testing results. We are fully accredited by the Virginia Department of Education, far exceeding the benchmark in English (reading), math, 3rd grade history, history, 3rd grade science, and science. We have made tremendous gains toward meeting AYP. We will continue to set high expectations for each of our learners and provide them with a challenging curriculum.

We hope you will feel welcome as you explore our website, and we encourage you to visit us in person. We look forward to welcoming you to our school and would love to hear from you any time.

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