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"Home of the Giraffes - FY10 Electrical Energy Usage"

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JG Brumfield Elementary School's energy cost
Period  kWh  $$  CO2
Year      915900      88682      1034966
Quarter      228975      22170      258741
Month      76325      7390      86247
Week      17809      1724      20124
24Hrs      2544      246      2874
Meter Last ReadJune 30, 2010
E-CategoryEnergy: Basemark Buildings

Primary (E-Com) Contact:JG Brumfield Elementary School
Communications (#/text):Click URL
Secondary Contact:(540) 347-6180 / Principal / front office / administration
Address / Area: 550 Alwington Blvd.
Warrenton, VA 20186
Fax #:(540) 341-7816
Primary / Website URL:http://www.fcps1.org/education/school/school.php?sectionid=14

June 16: Total energy usage through April 2011 is DOWN 4% compared to FY10 and April 2011 compared to April 2010 - UP 9%

April 18 update: March 2011 compared to March 2010 - DOWN 21%

March update: Total energy usage through January 2011 is UP 3% compared to FY10.


1) Built 2000
2) Rooms 32
3) Square feet 74,791
4) Acres 10.2
5) Student capacity 666/ 719
6) Students registered 540
7) Total cost / square foot / FY09 - $1.56 (gas / electric)
8) Natural gas heating - FY09 - $27,779
9) Total energy cost - FY09 - $116,461
10) Cost of energy / student / year - $216
11) EMCS - Energy Management Control Systems control temperatures by (central) computer based on work orders / requests from schools
12)Student occupancy - 75%

Updates 8/31/10 student occupancy

8/24/09 514
9/30/09 525
8/23/10 537

Updates 12/29/2010 - FY10 energy data(above)

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Letter From The Principal

We have had a wonderful start to the 2010-2011 school year! The past year presented with a number of challenges, including H1N1, flu and, of course, lots and lots of snow. Despite those distractions, our students were very successful on all of our assessments. Students are taking school and instruction seriously, and they are achieving. As a result of two years in a row where all SOL(Standards of Learning) tests were passed, we enjoy full accreditation with the state, and we made AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) under the No Child Left Behind federal initiative. We continue to be proud of the accomplishments of our students who are served so well by a wonderful staff.

We are continuing our school-wide behavior efforts. Once again, students will be earning coupons for good behavior, doing their homework, and a variety of other positive behaviors. At the end of each grading period we will further reward some of these students by drawing names of coupon earners out of a treasure chest and giving them small prizes. We take pride in the fact that our students are well-behaved at school, and are constantly complimented for their behavior when our classes represent us outside the building.

Brumfield has many activities that support development beyond the curriculum. Please refer to our parent handbook to see all of the wonderful opportunities offered. All contribute to a full experience for our students.

The PTO at Brumfield is an active supporter of our mission. Through their efforts we were able to provide field trips for all students last year without having to charge our families. Additionally, our parent community is always available to assist in any task we attempt.

We have achieved a wonderful balance of academic excellence and overall student development. As we continue to make sure that our students are our primary focus, we know that the coming year will be further cause for celebration. With students, staff, parents and our community working together, we are confident in our ability to succeed.

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