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Greenville Elementary School's energy cost
Period  kWh  $$  CO2
Year      743266      98610      839890
Quarter      185816      24652      209972
Month      61938      8217      69990
Week      14452      1917      16331
24Hrs      2064      273      2333
Meter Last ReadJune 30, 2010
E-CategoryEnergy: Basemark Buildings

Primary (E-Com) Contact:Greenville Elementary School
Communications (#/text):Click URL / Clinic:540-422-7576 / Cafeteria:540-422-7575 / Teacher Directory:540-422-7588
Secondary Contact:Margie Riley, Mrs
Address / Area: 7389 Academic Avenue
Nokesville, VA 20181
2nd Phone # (ext):540-422-7570
Fax #:540-349-2785
Primary / Website URL:http://www.fcps1.org/education/school/school.php?sectionid=3007

June 16: Total energy usage through April 2011 is DOWN 7% compared to FY10 and April 2011 compared to April 2010 - UP 15%

April 18 update: March 2011 compared to March 2010 - DOWN 21%

March update: Total energy usage through January 2011 is down 9% compared to FY10.

From above link:

Mr. Josh Myers, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Cheryl James, School Counselor
Mrs. Debbie Day, Office Secretary/Bookkeeper
Mrs. Dianna Wells, Office Associate Secretary
Mrs. Denise Moravitz, School Nurse
Mrs. Trish Halley, Cafeteria Manager


1) Built 2008
2) Rooms na
3) Square feet 80,000
4) Acres na
5) Student capacity 600
6) Students registered 594 (2009 school year)
7) Total cost / square foot / FY09 - $1.74 (natural gas / electric)
8) Natural gas heating - FY09 - $40,503
9) Total energy cost - FY09 - $139,056
10) Cost of energy / student / year - $234
11) EMCS - Energy Management Control Systems control temperatures by (central) computer based on work orders / requests from schools
12)Student occupancy - 99%

Occupancy updates 8/31/2010:

8/24/09 565
9/30/09 586
During school year - 594
8/23/10 613 bringing capacity to 102% (only school in County which exceeds estimated program capacity)

September update - number of students now at 619 according to the FTD. Capacity at 103%.

Updates 12/30/2010 - FY10 energy data - above

From school web site:

Parents may leave a message for their classroom teacher by dialing the Teacher Directory number, and then entering the teacher's extension number. There is also an option of entering the teacher's name to access their voice mail to leave a message. Teachers will return calls within 24 hours. If a message is time sensitive, please call our main school number. Please call the school office if a response has not been made within 24 hours as there may have been a technical difficulty. Thank you!

Greenville Elementary

At its May 14, 2007, meeting the Fauquier County School Board approved the name "Greenville Elementary School" for the school division's 11th elementary school. School Board member Bob Sinclair advised that years ago there was an African American community within a two-mile range of the school site. There was a school on the site named "Greenville" after Mr. Silus Green, a farmer and freed slave who helped establish the community and school after the Civil War. The old Greenville school is now the property of Little Zion Baptist Church.

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