FCPS FHS Solar in 1974 specifications / Phase 7 of Aspirations 2015

"Fauquier had solar heating in 1974 / 75! Welcome to local innovation. In the '70s FHS was only 1 of 4 schools in the USA enjoying off-grid power for winter heating!"

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UP IN SMOKE:The Saint James’ Green Team invites you to a serious conversation about the energy efficiency of our homes, churches, schools, and public buildings on Sunday January 17, 2016 at 4 PM, in the Parish Hall, Warrenton - Tell a friend - Pass it on

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2014: Capital Budget process still not working properly. Lighting for PB Smith about $120K (2011). For Coleman about $200K (2013). For Marshall - $400K (2014)? Does not make sense. Benefits not realized?

GOOD News: FHS went green in 2013 with new 4-story addition, passive / efficient lighting and geothermal heating / cooling but NO solar?

Roof water retention project, another learning opportunity for students, was also cancelled. Cost was only $180K OR 0.056% out of $32M in the Town of Warrenton which experiences droughts? 

APPROVE Capital Improvement and RETROFIT Solar power to power geothermal pumps for real budget savings

Without solar future energy cost savings will NOT be as good as they could have been? Money / grants/ donations were available in 2011 to fund this extra cost of being truly green - students lose learning ability and taxpayers do NOT enjoy cost reductions. Parents and teachers lose due to program cuts that could have been avoided.

Off-grid abilities for our schools aid disaster recovery and benefit everyone. Off-grid project (Phase 7 for 20 public schools) had a 10 year ROI based on 2010 estimates. 

A fascinating piece of "forgotten" history at FHS!

The Fauquier High School Solar Heating System utilizes a solar collector array of 2415 square feet active area. The collectors are mounted in a single plane which is tilted at a 53/sup 0/ angle from the horizontal. The latitude of Warrenton, Virginia is 38.6/sup 0/. Thermal storage is provided by water stored in two concrete tanks, each of 5500 gallon capacity. The tanks are insulated with 4'' of polyurethane and have a temperature loss of 1/sup 0/F per day at a temperature of 140/sup 0/F. Piping to the tanks is arranged so they can be used separately for maximum efficiency. A drain-down mode is used to provide freeze protection for the collectors. No antifreeze is used in the system. There are no heat exchangers in the system except for the classrooms where two water--air convectors are used for space heating. The convectors are equipped with a two speed fan and are sized to provide the heating requirements of the classrooms with 100/sup 0/F water storage temperatures. Back-up heating is provided with the electric resistance heaters originally installed in the classrooms. One classroom has, in addition, an oil heater. The operation, performance, maintenance, and modifications to the system over the 1974-75 and 1975-76 heating seasons are reported in detail. 

Thank you Lance Albaugh - Fauquier High School graduate and resident for remembering about the solar panels at Fauquier High and researching the real facts published 1977 Jan 03.

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Editorial comment: US is falling behind Europe, UK and China with respect to using renewable energies.

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