FCPS Energy $ / student / FY11 / FY12: FY13 Phase 6

"Energy $ / student below and in PDF file! Energy $ down in 5, up in 6 schools? Phase 6 IS one SOLUTION to these inconsistencies and reducing costs $250K+ in FY13!"

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PDF File:     fcps fy13 Phase6 fy12 nov012.pdf

UP IN SMOKE:The Saint James’ Green Team invites you to a serious conversation about the energy efficiency of our homes, churches, schools, and public buildings on Sunday January 17, 2016 at 4 PM, in the Parish Hall, Warrenton - Tell a friend - Pass it on

Click<< Return to list (above) for storyboard (no scroll)/F11=full screen Created 1/1/12 Revised July, August, October and November. Presented to School Support Council 1Nov12 Last update 1/9/16

Click on PDF Link: to View FY12 cost over FY11 and projections for FY13 (3 pages)

Page 1: Fiscal year variances from 90% to 113% when compared to prior fiscal year (Phase 6 fixes this serious issue)

Page 2: Cost / student /school (20) in Paretto sequence from good (lower energy costs) to bad (higher energy costs)

Page 3: Phase 6 deployment projections for FY13 starting 7/1/12 (revised to 12/1/12)

Time for ACTION is NOW - March 2011 for FY11, January 2012 for FY12 - How about NOW? November 18, 2012 Note: Phase 6 originally presented to School Board and Dr. Lewis at Kettle Run High School public budget hearing in March 2011. 20 months have passed since costing about $20,000 / month in wasted electrical energy costs. There is MORE low hanging fruit just waiting to be picked.

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