FCPS $2.2M+ in taxpayer savings from FY09-13 (projected) in Phase 6

"Status on Energy Conservation / Sustainability / Education in one community"

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PDF File:     Fauquier County pdf sundaysc greener earth 8jan12.pdf

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PDF file content (click) shows brief PowerPoint presentation to the Sunday Supper Club in late 2011 and contains an overview of FY08 to FY12 (YTD) Energy Conservation / Sustainability activities and cost savings of $1.53M** to date in Fauquier County, Virginia

Latest version available online: January 8, 2012 for the Sunday Supper Club as a Flash Report - Gerry Eitner's keynote speaker) on Communities of Peace - Town of Warrenton became a model community in 2002 - Fauquier County added to list in May 2011.

** Projected through 6/30/12 based on October year to date 4 month data analysis. Including Phase 6 in FY13 increase direct taxpayer savings to $2.2M.

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