Fauquier County energy wastes taxpayer $$

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PDF File:     Copy of fcps fy05 to fy20 sep13.xlsx

** Presented to FCPS School Board at KRHS (2012) and School Support Council / Superintendent (2011). Board of Supervisors updated (2012). Potential savings for taxpayers of $2.6M / year!

Energized Research / Learning Institute

Landing page created (April 2012) for Earth Day 2012 / FCCR meeting minutes.

Updated for Earth Days 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017. Last updated April 10, 2017

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PDF Page 1: 9 fiscal year analysis of FCPS Energy Costs (FY05 to FY13) and 7 year projection (FY14 to FY20)

PDF Page 2: $2.2M energy / budget savings base on FY09 benchmark / Base Mark

PDF Page 3: Energy trends with Energy Conservation programs NOT implemented (in FY10)

PDF page 4: Matrix detailing true "Cost Avoidance" with prior year projected 10% increases compared to actual costs AFTER Energy Conservation programs deployed to all 20 school (Phases 1-5)

PDF Page 5: Chart showing true cost avoidance savings at (FY10-FY13):


Fauquier County Conservation Roundtable (FCCR) meets quarterly and on April 23 2012 the keynote speaker was Michael Rainger. His presentation included a 5 year history of conservation / sustainability efforts for Fauquier County Virginia with a theme of Finite Energy Conservation / Renewable Technologies leading to more sustainable communities with links to disaster recovery from natural events. 

A discussion ensued around accurate / direct taxpayer cost savings bench marked on prior high year energy costs (FY09) and true cost avoidance when electric power utility rates and surcharges combined with other fuel expense increases are averaging around 10% per year (FY05 to FY09 normalized for weather and 2 new schools coming online).

The PDF (only 9 pages above - click to view) outlines the results of that discussion and further research by Better Practices (2004 - 2012), Energized research - Learning Institute (2013), and Brighter Communities Corporation (2014)


The Saint James’ Green Team invites you to a serious conversation about the energy efficiency of our homes, churches, schools, and public buildings on Sunday, January 17 2016 4 PM, in the Parish Hall, Warrenton - Tell a friend - Pass it on

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