FCPS FHS Project - New Wing / Geothermal Technology (NO solar?)

"Amazing facilities for students / teachers in 2013"

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UP IN SMOKE:The Saint James’ Green Team invites you to a serious conversation about the energy efficiency of our homes, churches, schools, and public buildings on Sunday January 17, 2016 at 4 PM, in the Parish Hall, Warrenton - Tell a friend - Pass it on

Alumni excited about FHS - see footnote below text Click Entity in narrow dark blue navigation bar (above) to View (right column). Mouse over photos for captions / click to enlarge / click yellow link / click PDF Posted 10/5/12 Updated 7/10/13 F11=full screen Last update 1/9/16

School Support Council members: If you were unable to attend the tour of the FHS addition and renovations on October 4, you missed a great treat. There were 12-14 of us and most of us were really impressed. Personally, I think the space is fabulous. A lot of attention to detail and planning has gone into this project and that was obvious in the tour. Teachers and students will be inspired on a daily basis. There is A TON of natural light everywhere and even with the construction materials laying around you can still feel that it has a good vibe about it. Walking through it I had many similar feelings to those I had when I toured the Platinum LEED building at Sidwell Friends a number of years ago—the space is engagingJudy Olsen - School Support Council Chairperson - FCPS

1) Mouse-over each photo 2) Click to enlarge captions / detail.

School Support Council members: As you know we have been following energy usage in our public schools since the fall of 2008 so the tour brought tears of absolute joy! When Judy and I, along with other prominent local personalities visited Sidwell Friends almost 4 years ago - what struck us the most was the two students who hosted a 2 hour technical tour for 8 knowledgeable adults! It was evident how proud they were of their surroundings. Eighth grade students took us from the rooftop garden to the basement and explained all the workings of the school (solar, wind, geothermal and water reclamation system. They were completely engaged in the process throughout the building and in every classroom. These students are in the top 1% that we hear so much about in these hard economic times. They understand the cultural shifts going on in America today.They are better prepared to participate in new energy based jobs. Fauquier Public High School on buildout in 2013 show cases where OUR resdidents in ALL of Fauquier County will learn about the same things that Sidwell students take for granted on a daily basis. They and our teachers deserve to learn about our collective future and "New Beginning" based on major cultural shifts that are long overdue. Michael Rainger - School Support Council Member - FCPS

The mission of Fauquier High School is to provide instruction which will enable students to live productively in society.

Technical aspects of new wing (highlights only): Energy costs to drop about 50% (FY14 estimate) and depends on future of 100 / 200 block. Photo #3 (mouse over and click to enlarge) shows this block attached to the new wing. The School Board and Board of Supervisors met to discuss future enrollments (10 years out) and requested updated data / projections. If the block is demolished (summer 2014) then future operational costs of about $100K per year are avoided. Additional teacher work areas with personal private storage space and conference rooms allow classrooms to be used more for classes which increases overall efficiency for the new building (higher productivity). Design and east west layout allows winter sun to light and heat building. Water saving features abound. Lower windows open allowing cross draught and shutting down of HVAC systems in spring and fall on an as-needed basis. Natural light is everywhere - note that photos were taken October 4, 2012 around 5pm. There is more to share so check back periodically and see more information on a new flagship - lead by example - learning center at Fauquier High which takes us back to '70s leadership where FHS enjoyed solar power for heating in 1974 / 75 - one of ONLY 4 schools in the nation with this ability! Search FCPS in Entity for more E-Profiles (approaching 100) and 4 years of volunteer efforts (over 1500 hours) - GET involved - you will be glad you did - and CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESS!

Photos by Michael Rainger with "glare" kindly reduced by Bill and rotated by Judy - Thank you! Mouse-over photos for captions - Click photo to enlarge Click yellow text link for latest news on the FHS web page by FCPS

Alumni to visit in 2013. Tours to be conducted by students.

ALUMNI Footnote: Two daughters graduated fron Fauquier High School after they moved here from Florida in December 1995. When they looked at this E-Profile, they were both amazed at the new views from above the high school looking north / south (equivalent to a helicopter view back in their day), and the quality / detail contained in these photos (mouse over - click to enlarge) showing construction status of the new 4-story wing.

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